No Poverty No Disease No War Leadership

Hon. Suresh Joachim

Secretary General Of The No Poverty No Disease No War

Hon. Suresh Joachim Arulanantham Canadian multiple-Guinness World Record holder who has broken more than 70 Guinness World Records set in six continents in attempts to benefit underprivileged people around the world. He is well known as the founder of WBBAS, WBBAS Supply Chain, UFFORSC, No Poverty No Disease No War, World Peace Marathon and Suresh Joachim International Group Of Companies.

Suresh Joachim - is a Canadian of great resolve. In his dictionary, you will not find the word “quit” or any derivative thereof. He has traveled the world while running, acting, moon-walking, walking, crawling, drumming, breakdancing, ballroom dancing, rocking, and performing many other tasks noted in the great big book of “The Guinness World Book of Records”. He pushes himself past the brink of exhaustion and pain that defeats most individuals to capture his dream of breaking a world record and help those in need while doing it. Suresh is the #1 Guinness World Record Holder in Canada and second in the world

World Peace Marathon: Suresh Joachim lit the World Peace torch in Bethlehem and began his first marathon in Jerusalem on December 25th, 2017, and finished in Canada on September 20th, 2019. He ran in 6 continents, 72 countries, 125 cities, approximately covering 3588.1 km.

During his marathon, he has collected people's messages for World Peace in more than 60 languages. While he was doing his marathon, he met Canadian representatives in Hong Kong, Serbia, India, and other countries. He passed the peace torch to many leaders, including Nobel Peace Director, Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Mayor of Oslo and Ireland, respectively, Ministers, Delegates, Police and Army, actors, business leaders, and the people who support his vision for World Peace. He realized peace is for everyone throughout his journey, and it's not based on language or religion or which country or color of your skin. As a human, we all can strive for World Peace, and that's one thing in common that can bring us together. 

Throughout Suresh's journey, he met with world leaders who agreed to discuss how we can achieve World Peace through Suresh Joachim's vision of No Poverty, No Disease, No War.

Hon. David Gold

President Of The No Poverty No Disease No War

Hon. David Gold Ambassador Of Israel To The No Poverty No Disease No War. President of Standard Auto Wreckers.